Click on the link to visit the Learn Soundation site and work through the videos to learn how to use this powerful online studio

Very fun little beat maker here - very intuitive and lots of fun to be had 

Turn your laptop keyboard in to a very cool musical journey - nice online tool here - hours of fun 

Type up some beats - cool text to drum machine sample sequencer - again lots of fun 

Not the nicest looking or user friendly sequencer - but lots of powerful sharing features mean you can export to a DAW 

Really lovely soundscapes here - all a bit random but great for meditation - also shareable so you can keep your sounds 

Music Technology 

Make music by placing blocks and connecting them - amazingly complex  easy to share - great little program

Turn your browser in to a minimal beat machine - very cool 

Nice and simple song maker here very intuitive and can be very effective 

Cool in browser drum machine here 

Very cool text to tone - copy and paste your favourite poem etc and hear it as music - Nice 

Nice studio tool here worth signing up its free